Testing for STDs with Complete and Total Privacy

20 February 2013, Comments: 0

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Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are diseases that people contract after engaging in sexual activity. What is an STD? STDs are diseases that pass from one person to another after someone who is infected with the disease has sexual contact with a person who is not infected. When the previously uninfected begin to feel as if something is wrong, they may be experiencing STD symptoms.

The Symptoms of STDs

Many sexually transmitted diseases exist, and they will have their own symptoms. However, many of these symptoms occur within the area of people’s genitals and urinary tract systems. For example, those with gonorrhea and chlamydia may have a burning sensation when they urinate. They may also have a discharge from their genitals that turns yellow or yellowish-green. Those who notice that they have lesions on their genitals may have contracted Herpes.

The Danger of Delayed Screening and Treatment

When people believe that they have acquired one of the many sexually transmitted diseases, they will need to present themselves at their doctor’s offices for STD screening. However, some people resist doing this because they are too embarrassed to discuss this issue with their physicians. By delaying treatment, they may be causing irreversible damage to their reproductive systems.

Testing for STDs with Complete and Total Privacy

STD Screening without Going to the Family Physician

With the Internet, people can submit to STD screening without having to make an appointment with their family physicians. They can do online STD testing and order their examinations online. They will receive an order to visit a lab, and they will obtain their results also online in a matter of days.

People have the option of performing their own STD home tests. They can order their tests online, and these will be sent to them by mail. This option does not require that they go to a lab because they will be asked to send their samples back to the testing facility in the mail. The samples will be analyzed, and the patients will be able to view their results online.

Those who do not like the option of online STD testing have one other choice. They can seek one of the STD centers in their area where they will be able to have their tests done and receive the results the very next day. Some STD centers do not require that people make an appointment, and they are also very affordable.

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